'We are predominately a female driven tribe, the girls support their customers and work together, always striving to create the highest quality products' - Gabrielle Cleverley, Creative Director
'I thoroughly enjoy working with the girls on set, apparently I'm the official 'moonlight mermaids tech boy'' - Shane Pinson, Sound & Lighting Technician 
'The products are unique and bold. During my photoshoot with Moonlight Mermaids I felt welcomed and the girls helped me to feel confident' - Sofie Pitcher, Model 
'We worked hard to create a long lasting matte liquid lipstick and now we have achieved this, we can't wait for you to try it!' - Charlotte Gould, Brand Manager
'I think the products are outstanding, they target a wide variety of people and all skin tones. It's great to see the business progressing and gaining so much great feedback' - Lee Prentice, Technician Assistant
‘I love how I’m working along side my best friends! Not a lot of people can say that, we have achieved something so great from so little. We are all working on something we love and use everyday in day to day life. Find yourself a female tribe and conquer the world because we did it, so can you’ – Jemma Ludlam, Media coordinator

‘I find moonlight mermaids so unique and beautiful. To see a group of people coming together to create something magical is an inspiration to me. I love that they’re vegan and cruelty free! Seeing people up lift one anothers confidence is truly amazing to witness and Moonlight Mermaids has done exactly that. I can’t wait to see what products and projects they do next!’ – Katie Bella, Social Media Specialist