Mulberry Fairy Crown

Moonlight Mermaids Limited

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Mulberry Fairy Crown - Moonlight Mermaids Limited

Mulberry Fairy Crown

This stunning crown resembles the magical flowers one may find in an enchanted forest. We live in awe of nature both on land and sea; let these special red pieces of mother of pearl ignite your creativity and bring new adventures.

The Magick Of Copper:

Copper is an ancient, sacred metal that has made a name for itself throughout the centuries for many reasons including its healing abilities! Not only is copper a brilliant conductor of heat and electricity but it also has antibacterial properties. Copper links to the heart chakra and has always been valued by love goddesses including Aphrodite and Venus. Wear copper to attract more love, health and wealth into your life. Copper also repels negativity, increases psychic energy and is especially good at easing joint pain and stiffness.

Mulberry Fairy Crown Correspondences:

Chakra: Heart

Element: Fire

Astrological Sign: Aries

Planet: Mars

Magick: Encourages ones connection with Gaia, brings new ideas, Helps to remove mental blocks, encourages creativity,  Aids with meditation, Creates a sense of peace, Brings new adventures.

Tarot: The World

Energy: Peace, Confidence, Spirituality, Psychic, Beauty, Truth, Love, Passion, Leadership, Adventure.

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