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Tropical wave fairy crown

Moonlight Mermaids Limited

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Handmade reiki fairy crown

Tropical Wave Fairy Crown

This crown will enchant you and perhaps give you a whole new sense of being. A gift from the fairies; this crown features blue flowers and stunning pieces of mother of pearl set on a silver band.

The Magick Of Copper:

Copper is an ancient, sacred metal that has made a name for itself throughout the centuries for many reasons including its healing abilities! Not only is copper a brilliant conductor of heat and electricity but it also has antibacterial properties. Copper links to the heart chakra and has always been valued by love goddesses including Aphrodite and Venus. Wear copper to attract more love, health and wealth into your life. Copper also repels negativity, increases psychic energy and is especially good at easing joint pain and stiffness.

Tropical Wave Fairy Crown Correspondences:

Chakra: Throat

Element: Earth

Astrological Sign: Virgo

Planet: Mercury

Magick: Encourages vocal work, Allows one to speak freely, Allows one to acknowledge their own self worth, Aids depression, Brings creativity and new ideas.

Tarot: The Wheel

Energy: Confidence, self-awareness, healing, voice, Free thinking, Creativity, Writing, Lyrics, Inventions